Monthly Archives: November 2012

Great Mistakes

My six-year-old son was trying to put together an elaborate puzzle this past weekend. I watched carefully and noticed on several occasions the pieces he was looking for were right in front of him. I hesitated to help, observing him figuring it out for himself. Continue reading


When I was a kid and got sad, my mother would tell me the same thing: think of someone who has it worse than you.  Growing up in Africa, it was not hard to do and it always worked. I felt better and appreciated my misery, oddly enough, as it was much better than what most around me were experiencing. For them, my misery would be a luxury. Continue reading

Gift of Time

I heard an alarming statistic last week – all the new devices now available (mobile phones, apps, tablets, etc.) have added an average of two hours to the work day. I am troubled by this and suggest this week you should be too. To be clear, I appreciate the ebb and flow of any organization and the times when an “all hands of deck” approach is needed, requiring folks to work harder and longer than usual. This aspect is not what troubles me. Continue reading