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Empathy – The Ultimate Goal

The past two weeks I’ve been talking about taking your emotional temperature and subsequently being able to regulate that emotional temperature so you can give yourself the highest chance of being at your best. Well, what about helping others be at their best, especially during challenging moments or times? Continue reading

Changing Your Emotional Temperature

Last week, I introduced the concept of taking one’s emotional temperature at a specific time each day to gauge where you are, what led you to this state, and how it may impact the rest of your day. So the next question is, now what? The next step is to change your emotional temperature.  Continue reading

Take Emotional Temperatures

I received the feedback below from a participant in one of my workshops.

“I liked Dr. Justice’s advice to take a personal emotional reading once a day. Instead of once a day, I have tried to apply this concept multiple times a day so that I won’t hinder positive conversations\meetings that I participate in. I also find the advice good for ascertaining the emotional barometer of people I interact with so that I will know how to respond and/or proceed in a conversation.”

I realized that taking an emotional temperature is not something I have discussed in this blog, though I regularly recommend it as a simple action item in speeches and coaching sessions. Continue reading

Accelerating Growth

Last week I spoke at two conferences across the US. I got to meet many folks in the human capital space – both from the industry as well as consultants, coaches, and trainers. I spoke about Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and why now–during this decade–and in the context of all the changes I wrote about last year (recession, globalization, tech, and generations), EQ is the right competency to focus on. One of the more frequently asked questions I get is whether we can actually increase our EQ. Continue reading