Monthly Archives: October 2009

Constantly Connected

pauseI was in Silicon Valley last week and met with several folks from the tech sector. There is quite a good bit of buzz around some of the new hardware and software coming out soon. What caught my attention was a new laptop scheduled for release next summer that apparently will be “constantly connected” to the Internet. This may sound odd at first, but you only have to think of your cell phone to understand what that means. Your phone after all is “constantly ON” – meaning anyone can reach it from anywhere in the world and talk to you live. With Blackberries and iPhones, we can now stay in touch with e-messages also but obviously, that is not the same thing as having a laptop constantly connected. Continue reading

No More IDPs


So how much fun do you have with your IDPs or ADPs (Individual or Annual Development Plans)? You know, the ones you have to fill out, schedule time with your boss, and then review. Most people report that these sessions are either very non-chalantly orchestrated or emotionally draining for both sides as development areas begin to be discussed and skeletons from months ago surface. Let me propose a solution – get rid of them. Continue reading

The AIG Effect

luxury-business-travel_jetThe AIG effect is not a term I coined, but read about in USA Today this weekend.  This article quite effectively captured the current (and foreseeable) trend in how human capital professionals (especially those charged with developing talent) are being impacted with traditional methods. Continue reading

Are You Renting or Owning Employment?

job for rentAs many of you know, I am wrapping up work on my 4th book in collaboration with several other folks. During this process, I have had the great pleasure of interviewing practitioners in the professional development space from all industries from all over the world as we prepare for the new year, and the new decade. In one recent interview, the term “renting vs. owning” came up.  Are your employees renting a position or owning it? Continue reading