Monthly Archives: September 2017

Performance undelivered

performanceLast week I spoke to a professional sports team. During the Q&A portion, one of the athletes asked me which was worse during the game –  thinking about what happened earlier or thinking about what needs to happen next. My response was both – as both would keep you from being fully focused on the present moment where he would need to be at his absolute best to get the most out of his skills.  Continue reading

Leadership VS Happiness

innovationEarlier this year, I completed the design of a psychometric Happiness instrument. It’s an online self-assessment on a personal Happiness score with subsequent feedback on areas to focus. Last year, I was struck during a global leadership conference at all the speakers and breakout sessions by the similarities in everything being said/discussed. I heard there are about 200 leadership books/articles published each month and hundreds more blogs and such. What became evident was that there is no shortage of what a good leader is, what it takes to be a good leader and how to grow to be a good leader. I have argued before that perhaps it is not leadership skills that leaders lack but in fact, something much simpler: Happiness.

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