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New Book: Triathlete EQ

TriEQbookHeather Gollnick, 5-Time Ironman Champion and winner of over 200 multi-sport events, and Dr. Izzy Justice, a sports neuropsychologist, proudly announce the release of their new book: TRIATHLETE EQ – A GUIDE FOR EMOTIONAL ENDURANCE. The central premise of the book is that endurance sports are as much a test of an athlete’s emotional endurance skills as they are a test of their physical ability skills.

Chrissie Wellington, 4-Time World Champion, endorsed the book as “unique and much needed … for elite and novice athletes…” The book is rooted in neuroscience, has practical exercises and tips, and has a workbook format that allows readers to build their own customized mental strategies to incorporate into training and racing. USAT and Ironman Hall of Famer Bob Bobbitt has written the forward. To read other reviews, an excerpt of the book or to purchase it, please visit As Olympian and 70.3 World Champion, Andy Potts, noted, “…this book will help you perform better.”

Learn to Unlearn

I’ve blogged about this topic before but events from last week prompted me to address it again. I had lunch with another CEO and he mentioned hiring a new COO. To give this some context, the CEO is a founder and has had terrible luck over the past few years hiring senior level executives. So why did he hire this guy? He said to me,”The guy said to me the only thing he had mastered in almost 30 years of experience was the art of learning.” He went on to explain to me how the COO walked him through how he learns, with a respectful disregard to what he had already learned or mastered. Continue reading

The Evolved Hunter

Being born and raised in developing countries in the 70s and 80s, I am acutely aware of how much both formal and informal learning has changed. Last week I had several independent experiences where folks told me that YouTube was their first source of knowledge. One can find someone demonstrating whatever it is we need to learn in a short succinct, to-the-point, and practical manner. Continue reading

[NEW VIDEO] Mobility of Knowledge

Mobility of Knowledge

Last week, I did a keynote speech at a luncheon. I talked about the concept of knowledge. Historically, there was only one type of knowledge–Experiential Knowledge–the knowledge that exists in our memory banks as a result of doing something or having some experience. Those who learned from their experiences became more knowledgeable, and then they transferred that knowledge to younger people. Continue reading