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Changing Reality … it’s a thing.

thoughtsLost in the 24-hour news cycle world we live in is the amazing work being done in Neuroscience. We are literally living in the golden age of neuroscience with unprecedented research in what I consider one of the most fascinating mysteries – our brain. We now know that we live a significant portion of our lives in … our brain. Life experiences are diverse but it is the mostly subconscious and reflex interpretation of these experiences that consumes how we live, respond, behave and manage future experiences. Continue reading

Independence Day – Are you really free?

fireworksAs we deservedly celebrate Independence Day in the US, like so many countries celebrate their own independence days, it is worth revisiting what independence means and all the mutations of it. There is independence from colonialism, independence of association, of worship, of speech, of travel and of other pursuits. These are legitimate victories worth celebrating and were often acquired at a harsh cost. People lost lives, were imprisoned, beaten, abused and such like during the process leading up to the day of acquiring aforementioned freedoms. I would like to argue there is an additional freedom worth fighting for in the same manner. It is Emotional Freedom.

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