Monthly Archives: March 2010

Best Video I’ve Seen In Months

The role of emotions in our lives continues to gain more and more acceptance. This TED video powerfully captures the role of women in EQ and is very appropriate for men as well.

Teaching Emotional Intelligence in School

Should schools have a class in emotional intelligence? One middle school in Illinois does. Watch the CNN video on EQ in schools.

EQ for Kids morning I saw a piece on CNN how a Michigan Middle School has successfully integrated EQ into their curriculum.  Their argument was that most linear thinking, rooted in IQ, can either be done by machines or will be outsourced to cheaper labor forces across the world. Therefore, intelligence based on enhancing collaboration, innovation, social skills, and empathy is just as important as IQ, and perhaps more important. Continue reading

Millenials – Challenge Academia

This is the time of the year that college students and soon-to-be graduates are actively ‘hitting the pavement’ looking for internships and jobs. As an employer, I am deeply troubled by what I see coming out of most colleges and university.  Here are specific issues I have: Continue reading

Baby Boomers

This morning, I heard some alarming and troubling statistics; 16% of the baby boomer generation says they are ready for retirement and 43% say they have less than $10K saved for retirement. The recession has delayed the retirement plans of the average baby boomer by about 9 years.  Two thirds of all health care costs are incurred after the age of 60 and health care costs/insurance is the #1 source of financial concern to retirees, despite medicare and medicaid. Continue reading

Trigger Stimulants

The past few weeks I’ve discussed taking the emotional temperature of both ourselves and of others. Knowing the state of our emotions, which essentially drive our ability to use our skills and competencies, is critical since our emotions constantly change. I’ve discussed regulating those emotions with our self and with others. This week, I’d like to introduce you to trigger stimulants. Continue reading