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boss.jpsA good friend of mine who is also in the human capital business asked me a few months ago what the most over-rated relationship is that most people have in their lives. I confess, I had never been asked that nor had I given that much consideration as I think like most, I tend to focus on the important relationships, not the overated ones. My responses were guesses and wrong. “It’s people’s bosses,” she argued. Continue reading

5 Senses – II

5sensesI shared the TED video on the 5 senses lasat week even though I have blogged about the 5 senses in the past. I have been arguing for many years how underutilized our senses are, mostly because we simply have been using them from the time we were born but never been actually trained to optimize them or to comprehend the extent of their relevance to our emotions and the substantive experiences of our lives. Continue reading