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Innovation & Fear

I have talked to several organizations lately who have made innovation a top priority. I don’t have any formal statistics on this, but anecdotal evidence is suggesting that a very large number of companies are trying very hard to make innovation not just a part of their business models, but an inherent part of their culture. Continue reading


I have talked about this topic before but in light of the passing of one our greatest innovators, Steve Jobs of Apple, I thought I would resurface the topic. This is what he once said about innovation:

“Death is very likely the single best invention of Life. It is Life’s change agent. It clears out the old to make way for the new. Right now the new is you!”  Steve Jobs   Continue reading

Mobile Learning

The following statistics were generated by Future Workplace and IESE Business School.

  1. By year end of 2011: nearly forty percent of executives plan to incorporate media tablets into learning and development initiatives and three-quarters of these learning executives plan to incorporate smartphones by the end of this year.
  2. By 2015: Human Resource executives plan to leverage mobile devices not only for learning & performance support but also for coaching and mentoring employees (37%), micro-blogging (27%), augmented reality (14%), and mobile gaming (12%). Continue reading

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The Power of 15%

Last week I had the wonderful privilege of visiting one of our esteemed clients – 3M. I was at their Global Innovation Center just outside Minneapolis. I got a tour of the incredible facility and learned that every one of us is no more than 10 feet from a 3M product. Continue reading

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EPowerment Interview

Listen to a 30 minute interview with Dr. Izzy Justice here.

Questions covered include:

  • How does EQ relate to high performance?
  • Can you discuss ways organizations can address EQ from the perspective of EPowerment?
  • Can you make some connection points between EPowerment and the changing nature of the workforce and world around us?
  • Is there a place in EPowerment for the formal delivery of training?
  • What is the relationship between EPowerment and the virtual organization?

World Cup & Technology

Many of you know I grew up in southern Africa and playing football, or soccer as we call it here in the US, was a daily ritual. So it is with great pride that I watch the biggest single athletic event in the world happening in my home continent. It is also with great pain that this past week and weekend I saw so many bad calls. There was a disallowed goal against the US, the offside no-call against Mexico, and the English goal that was more than a full yard inside the goal and not called a goal. Continue reading

Mobility of Knowledge

Last week, I did a keynote speech at a luncheon. I talked about the concept of knowledge. Historically, there was only one type of knowledge–Experiential Knowledge–the knowledge that exists in our memory banks as a result of doing something or having some experience. Those who learned from their experiences became more knowledgeable, and then they transferred that knowledge to younger people. Continue reading


Well–it’s official now. My fourth book is out, “EPowerment – Achieving Empowerment in the E World.” It’s been ten years since I wrote my last book and I’ve been asked several times when I would write again. I have hesitated to write simply for the sake of writing because I am not a professional writer.  I wanted to write until I had something unique and compelling to say. Continue reading

Emotional Hangovers

I spoke at 2 events last week and was struck by how much dialogue/questions arose once I introduced the concept of emotional hangovers. What is an emotional hangover? Think of a traditional hangover after a night of drinking – the next day, we feel a headache, we are dehydrated, and we are tired. It is not a stretch to assume that our ability to perform at our best during this hangover period is compromised. Continue reading

Emotional Safety – Revisited

cubedisengagedA recent study projects a significant shift in the workforce as soon as the economy picks up. Apparently, there are significant numbers of workers greatly dissatisfied with what they do, frustrated by how the tough times were handled, and ready to “go to something else somewhere else.” This is especially true for younger workers who do not share the more traditional values of having to do the same thing for a long time at the same place. There were studies prior to the recession that also showed the highest levels of employee disengagement and apathy in over 6 decades. Continue reading

Memory: The Enemy of Learning

forgetfulI have written about the memory-based model before but I had several coincidental experiences last week that warranted I readdress this and package it slightly differently as my own thinking evolves on this matter.

In healthcare, there has been a powerful movement to get away from “Memory-Based Care” to what some call “Knowledge-Driven Care.” What does this mean? In memory-based care the caregiver decides the course of treatment on the spot, at the examination or during the consult, based solely on their training and effective memory. This has been the modus operandi for clinicians throughout the world for centuries. There is a problem though.  Continue reading