Monthly Archives: August 2010

Biography Leads to Biology

I was in Yoga class this past weekend and overhead this phrase, “biography leads to biology.” It struck a chord with me and many of the discussions I’ve shared.   Continue reading

EQ Exercise

Last week I spoke at a client event and asked the members of the audience to pair up for a ten minute conversation. I prefaced that quick activity with this comment, “People are never where they are, they are where they came from.” This confused the audience, which was by design. So what does it mean? Continue reading

[NEW VIDEO] What is Emotional Intelligence?

Memory: The Enemy of High Performance

Last year, I posited that memory-based learning models simply do not work. A memory-based learning model is one where content is taught in a way that the learner then has to recall the information presented in order to apply the knowledge, invariably at some point in time after the learning event. Memory, of course, has been practically the only source of knowledge at the point of need. For example, when you really need to apply and execute on a task, you rely almost exclusively on your memory. In stress-free and emotionally safe environments and situations, memory works great. So it can’t be all that bad. Continue reading

Workplace Dynamics

A few months ago, I spoke to a client who was let go of her job. She was the CEO of a large product company and had only been in the role for less than two years. Under her watch, the company had lost its market share by about 30 percent to a competitor and also lost a third of its revenue. What happened? Continue reading