Monthly Archives: May 2010


Well–it’s official now. My fourth book is out, “EPowerment – Achieving Empowerment in the E World.” It’s been ten years since I wrote my last book and I’ve been asked several times when I would write again. I have hesitated to write simply for the sake of writing because I am not a professional writer.  I wanted to write until I had something unique and compelling to say. Continue reading


Last week, I had the pleasure of hosting Lance Secretan for a 30 minute interview. The key message was to lead by inspiring yourself and as a by-product of that, you inspire others. At first glance, this appears as not very insightful; a headline which has previously appeared on many books and articles. Continue reading

Creativity and EQ

A friend sent me a link to a NY Times article regarding the concept of CQ – the Creativity Quotient, and inquired about the relationship of EQ in CQ. What I have shared with clients and in my talks at conferences when it comes to innovation, especially workplace innovation, is that it is more about getting rid of barriers to innovation than it is necessarily being innovative. Continue reading

Emotional Literacy

I had several interesting conversations last week with folks who are in leadership roles, both at profit and non-profit organizations. All are wonderfully competent human beings and well intentioned, most are challenged by their jobs, and some are very frustrated with the toll of the negativity of the lingering–but hopefully ending–recession. Continue reading