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I am in New York City and saw the show “Jersey Boys” on Broadway last night, which, incidentally, I highly recommend. Everytime I see one of these shows with world-class actors, I am reminded of people who are doing what they truly love to do. Not only does their passion show in every song and dance routine, but I felt as if it was opening night, knowing well this was the same show these same actors perform for months on end. What passion and energy in live music and drama! Continue reading

The Power of 15%

Last week I had the wonderful privilege of visiting one of our esteemed clients – 3M. I was at their Global Innovation Center just outside Minneapolis. I got a tour of the incredible facility and learned that every one of us is no more than 10 feet from a 3M product. Continue reading


This past weekend I had a powerful personal experience. It is still troubling me. I was confronted with a situation that woke up memories and experiences from Apartheid South Africa. What I recall about prejudice and injustice in those days in southern Africa is that what seems like horribly unforgivable today, was business as usual then. Continue reading

[NEW VIDEO] Emotional Safety

EQ and Happiness

Recording of last week’s 45-minute session on Color Your Life Happy with Dr. Flora Brown: Click to listen to Dr. Flora Brown interview Dr. Izzy Justice on emotional intelligence, its relevance to happiness, and what we can do to grow it.