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Is Fear a Motivator?

fear2At an executive retreat, one leader asked why it was that he performed best when he was stressed and felt the pressure of failure. He elaborated that when felt threatened, his team seemed to do well. This was in the context of my sharing that fear was a collaboration and innovation killer. I responded by telling him of a well-known professional athlete who asked me the same question a few years ago. He also said that when he felt angry and hate towards his opponent, he performed better. He had come to see me because his public relations reputation was that of a ‘bad boy’ who was mean to everyone including his sponsors. I asked him only one question: When do you turn it off?

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France’s New Work Email Policy

worklifev5The entire text below is from GOOD website written by Tod Perry. As we start a new year, and you are a leader, think about how a version of a policy like this might have a positive difference in both business and employees’ lives.

Nothing can ruin a relaxing weekend or holiday like an email from the office. Even if there’s no need to take action until Monday, the unwanted intrusion of professional life can really suck the joy out of a Sunday afternoon bar-b-que. That’s why the country that’s famous for giving its employees 30 days off a year and 16 weeks of full-paid family leave, just made itself even cooler with its new “right to disconnect” law. Continue reading