Monthly Archives: June 2013

Workplace Happiness

unhappyWorkerLast week, Gallup revealed troubling survey results in its 2013 State of the American Workplace Report on employee happiness and engagement. Both at dismal levels. 70% of employees are not inspired or engaged at work.

I have been writing about this trend since 2008 when workplace power shifted dramatically from the employee, who was just grateful to have a job during a paralyzing recession, to the employer. Continue reading

Are you bored?

BoredI had a wonderful lunch with a good friend recently who is contemplating a change in her role at the company she works at.  She is in a very senior position and there just is not that much higher she can go.  A new role presented itself to her and we were processing the pros and cons of both current and new roles. Continue reading

Father’s Day

FDayYesterday was Father's Day and along with so many dads, I was showered with warm love from my kids.

I wish they knew the truth about boys growing up to be men, and men growing up to be Dads. That is that kids are the best gifts any parent or specifically, any man can get. As males, we often get the short end of the stick when it comes to experiencing the true joys, and the power of emotions, in life. Continue reading

Virtual Work

virtualWORKA few weeks ago I spoke to the management team of a company in California. The topic was the role of EQ in the workplace. I shared research with the team that I have blogged about on several occasions already regarding how emotionally unsafe the workplace really is. They seemed surprised to learn that a bar rated higher as being emotionally safe than a place of work.  Continue reading