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Fear Not


officespaceIf you have bought or sold a home in the past 5 years or so, then you are familiar the concept of virtual tours of homes. For example, your realtor might send you a link to a home that, from the convenience of wherever in the world you are, you can tour that actual home via a real video walk-through.  You can imagine the countless hours and weekend time this new method has saved all parties. Continue reading

Bottom 10%

I was with a group of folks a few weeks ago who had a healthy debate on Jack Welch’s “remove the bottom 10% of your organization every year” policy from a couple of decades ago. Some of the folks who run large corporations said this would never happen in their company. Not only were they too big, but also they would have no idea how to identify the bottom 10%. Is it 10% across the board, or 10% in a department, or 10% of a level? Is the bottom 10% in one high performing business unit the same as another 10% of a low performing business unit? Would force-ranking be subjective thereby forcing employees to build alliances like the ones we see on “Survivor” on TV, instead of focusing on performance? Continue reading

#1 HR issue for 2011

I actually was going to write this morning about another subject until I read this article online this morning, which essentially reveals that 84% of those who are currently employed want to get new jobs in 2011. What??!!!  I just published a book this past May where the research showed that number at about 45%—which was a huge alarm in itself—but 84%?  Continue reading

Talent War… Here it Comes (Again)

I have written about this before and even predicted this but the war for talent has begun. Granted, it is in its infancy and not yet in full swing, but I’ve talked to several recruiting firms and organizations who are beginning to look for talent to fill the void of massive layoffs. In addition, they are searching for meaningful ways to retain existing talent.  Continue reading