Monthly Archives: March 2012

Circle of Life

The topic of the circle of life came up in a meaningful conversation I had last week. I wrote about it in my first book in 1994 (Clearing Your Path) coincidentally. There is an exercise in the book where you can take inventory of people in your life and categorize them per age group. The first age group is 0-12 and the last one is 65+. In other words, you would make a list of people you spend frequent and meaningful time with who are aged 0-12 and go through the circle of life to the last group of people you know who are above 65. Continue reading

Women Entrepreneurs

Managing Monologues

I think it was my Dad who told me, long before I was ready to understand what he was saying, that the quality of my friends was very important. One adage even suggests: You can judge a man by the company he keeps. Our friends, our work colleagues, our family, and other people we engage with determine to a very large extent the quality of the dialogue between us and them. Continue reading

Manage YOUR Performance Review

This week I had a coaching session with an executive who was very disappointed with his performance review. He had worked very hard and had met or exceeded many of his metrics but apparently, because of the force-ranking system of his company, he ended up in the middle of the pack. Continue reading