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What is your real Currency?

currencyThe term currency is used to describe a purchasing power. Money, the most commonly understood currency, is used to acquire all kinds of stuff, for example. But is it the only purchasing power, currency, you have? What about imagination? Could imagination be used to acquire stuff? Why not? You could be creative with an idea and provide a solution that then enables you to acquire another’s confidence, love, respect or freedom to pursue other endeavors. So imagination does have purchasing power and in certain roles and certain times, is the most powerful purchasing power. If there is a problem that needs to be resolved, a solution that needs to be acquired, then it more likely that creative thinkers will have a higher purchasing power than actual money. I am not devaluing the role of money, merely making the case that there are other currencies at your disposal that need to be valued just has highly as money.

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No Trust = No Leadership

It is rare to see a 3-minute video on any subject and understand everything about that subject. So here is Colin Powell simplifying Leadership in the most simple and powerful way in 3 minutes ….