Monthly Archives: October 2013

30-Minute Meetings

officemtgI was coaching an executive recently and she said she had no time to think strategically. She showed me her calendar and she was right – her day was slammed from one meeting or call to another all day long. I took a deeper look and noticed that all her meetings were one-hour long. I asked her why?   Continue reading

Manage Your Talent

talentAs a coach, one of the more frequent areas of improvement for most leaders I find is in how they manage talent. Specifically, in allocation of time, resources, and sheer emotional energy – who should get how much of it? I have never coached a leader who had too much time on their hands. The function of their role involves a tremendous amount of multitasking and comes with pressure and stress. So it is easy to let managing of talent to become a secondary priority and reactive one at best. Here is a way to streamline managing talent. Continue reading


emotional-safetyThe obsession with being #1 is worth exploring. I understand how one company wants the highest market share for a product or an athlete or team wants to be ranked #1. But this passionate quest should not be confused with the individuals in an organization competing internally to get to the top spot – either as a business unit or individually in a role or title. Continue reading