Monthly Archives: September 2012

Flawed Friends

This past weekend I was out of the country and had the opportunity to connect with people from many parts of the world in a face-to-face setting. I was struck again by just how similar we all are. At one round table, the conversation shifted to personal learning. One man said, “I discarded many people in my life that had flaws, and kept ones that were close to perfect. And I realized over the years that in fact, my perfect friends were the more flawed ones.” Continue reading

Work Conversations

I try not to discuss our business in these blogs and in fact I think this may be the first time I am doing so. I am making an exception this week because last Thursday, I had quite possibly the most rewarding day of my professional life (with perhaps the exception of the first Impact Day I led at Deloitte about 13 years ago!). Continue reading

Create Conflict