Monthly Archives: December 2014

Take 2014 Inventory

chklistsThe next two weeks are my favorite time of the year. It’s the holidays and for most, work slows down and many take time off. It’s also the end of a calendar year which is a perfect time to take inventory of 2014. Here are list of questions that I invite you to answer – I recommend having at least three responses to each question. Put them down in a document that you can refer to regularly – preferably on your mobile device. Continue reading

Coach or be Coached

coachEveryone has the capacity to coach someone else at something – whether it is coaching kids in a sport, an after school program, friends, family, neighbors, people that you work with or those that work for you. There is a skill set or knowledge you have acquired that someone else could benefit from. There are many benevolent reasons why this can be both personally rewarding as well as having a positive impact to the recipient – coachee. If that is not enough reason, then consider a much more self-serving one – it will make you better at just about everything you want to do. How so?

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