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The Future – Did You Know?

A great video I often use when speaking at conferences and seminars:

Read these earlier posts to see how this all relates to EQ:

Memory: The Enemy of Learning

forgetfulI have written about the memory-based model before but I had several coincidental experiences last week that warranted I readdress this and package it slightly differently as my own thinking evolves on this matter.

In healthcare, there has been a powerful movement to get away from “Memory-Based Care” to what some call “Knowledge-Driven Care.” What does this mean? In memory-based care the caregiver decides the course of treatment on the spot, at the examination or during the consult, based solely on their training and effective memory. This has been the modus operandi for clinicians throughout the world for centuries. There is a problem though.  Continue reading

New Graduates

GraduateThis past weekend, several children of friends and family graduated college. They are entering quite a battered and jumbled workplace (4 generations), low employment, dynamic global trends/shifts in skills and business models. It is really quite challenging to put one’s arms around what exactly is going to happen. And when one of the graduates asked me this question, I responded by saying I only know the following: Continue reading

The Future is becoming the Present… Faster

future1I spoke with a client this morning and I don’t know about you all, but there is already a noticeable shift in the tone of conversation in the market place compared to as recently as just two months ago. It’s the first week in May and it seemed like just yesterday when all of us, yes you too, thought it would be somewhere in 2010 (optimistically) we would see us pulling out of this disastrous and demoralizing recession. There were certainly enough data points to suggest that it would take that long. The top economists literally threw up their arms and said “Heck if we know!” and the extent of the carnage across all industries and geographies seemed quite gruesome. Yet, there now is word that we would be out of this by Q3 this year. Clearly some industries and companies will be leading the charge while others will lag behind into 2010…but you have to admit, this is great news. Continue reading