Monthly Archives: February 2013

Visualize Past Success

visualizeIt is often implied when using the term visualization that you are referring to the future. You are often told to visualize success, or a goal, or a desired outcome before it has happened. There are so many good quotes out there from inspiring people on the power of dreaming about something better in the future. This is all good. Continue reading

The Goal Post Model

Goal%20post%20200%20x%20200I often make references from the professional athletes I work with to the corporate world. Here is one that I have used with success with athletes from many sports. It’s called the Goal Post Model and is quite simple. Professional athletes spend well above 75% of their time practicing and only actually performing the rest. For Olympic athletes, training can last many years for a performance that lasts just a few seconds or minutes. So training can be monotonous, as life at work can be sometimes. Continue reading

Half Empty or Half Full?

HalffullemptyI know you have read all about this concept already. You know what it means – the idea that it really is up to you to look at a glass of water filled to the half way mark, and decide whether it is “half empty” (the pessimist) or “half full” (the optimist). We also know there is a ton of empirical research showing that the optimists are more productive, and happier. Even at younger ages, students with higher levels of optimism score better on scholastic tests. Continue reading


Happiness-Hands1Last week I stumbled on a documentary promoted by Starbucks simply entitled “Happiness.” What I loved about it was that it was being discussed by neuroscientists and psychologists using empirical research. Two findings stood out for me. First, that money does play a part in happiness but only to a certain level. Continue reading