Monthly Archives: July 2011

What vs. How

This is a topic of discussion I have been having with colleagues, clients, and personal friends for many years now. I am troubled by my peers in the business of professional development and the general confusion around the differences between the “what” and the “how” of a solution to learning and growing. Continue reading

Daily Emotions and Optimal Performance

Last week I spoke at two events on the topic of emotions in the workplace. This is a topic I have discussed in my weekly blogs on numerous occasions.  At one of the sessions we discussed the role of emotions in day-to-day interactions and collaboration. Continue reading

Children are better learners – we can learn from how they learn

I, along with many others, have discussed before how imperative it is for working professionals to be continuous learners.  What got us here, as my friend Marshall Goldsmith argues, is not likely to get us there. Past success is becoming a poor indicator of future success. Better indicators of future success are networks (social and professional), adaptability, and creativity.  Continue reading

Real Conversations

The past couple of weeks have been wonderful. I’ve had some truly amazing and rich conversations on a myriad of topics with a diverse group of folks. All of these referenced conversations have been substantive in nature, and caused me to pause, reflect, ponder, wonder, and leave feeling better about both my past and future. Continue reading