Monthly Archives: April 2011

Mirror Neurons

Some new research is emerging in neuroscience regarding the dynamics of human relationships.  One of the findings references a set of neurons that reside in the bottom back part of our brains that are being labeled “mirror neurons.”  Their role? Once threat levels of an experience or a person is designated by the prefrontal lobes, mirror neurons instinctively mimic the stimuli. Continue reading

Put House in Order

I reconnected last week with a business colleague who shared with me he had been diagnosed with cancer. This man is 34 years old and just had a baby last year.  Listening to him brought up emotions and thoughts that reminded me of the book I wrote about ten years ago on Stage IV Cancer.  I had to interview many people for that book who had Stage IV and whose death was imminent. Continue reading

Electronic Communication

I was in Whistler, Canada last week (about 2 hours west of Vancouver) speaking a group of fantastic CEOs. I brought up a statistic that generated a good bit of discussion. The statistic has been on our website for quite some time – almost 70% of workplace communication is now electronic and this has created about 243% more workplace conflict.  Continue reading

Ask questions

I was on the West Coast last week, meeting with several clients off the 101.  At dinner one night, a client asked me to help him with some anxiety he experienced when he faced difficult questions in meetings or other settings. He wondered if it had anything to do with EQ. I asked him why he thought he had to answer every question that was asked of him. The pause lasted about five minutes. Continue reading