Monthly Archives: March 2011

Higher Ups Lose Leadership Capacity

I had a wonderful conversation with a client and friend last week – Jane.  She attention a session in the Northeast with David Rock. He had shared the notion that as the higher-up working professional progress in their career, the lesser their leadership capacity becomes. This seems very counter-intuitive at first pass. Continue reading

Low EQ Scores

I have a wonderful business partnership and relationship with TTI (Target Training International) – they are one of the largest assessments companies in the world. They are using an Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Assessment designed by us here at EQmentor.  Last week, I received several calls from people who administer these assessments to organizations. They were not happy that the results of the EQ Assessment were all lower than average. “Some of these people are very successful!” they argued. Continue reading

[NEW VIDEO] Multi Mode Learning

Emotions in Teams

There seems to be a renewed focus on teams this year as we continue to gravel out of the recession and hire back talent to begin projects that were postponed over the past few years. Thanks to the workforce shifts as a result of the recession, many more new teams are being formed. And all the dynamics associated with team formation are playing out. Continue reading