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Create Conflict

Change Management 2

Last week’s blog generated a great deal of healthy discussion and I appreciate all the notes. A key point in managing change is what approach to use for a change event. Continue reading

Change Agent

Being a great leader these days almost implies that you have to concurrently be a great change agent as well.  I agree with the correlation as the rate of change of both how we live and how we work has accelerated. It feels like we have been saying this for the last 20-30 years or so. In this context of constant change, the ability of leaders to orchestrate change and do it quickly is a key competency for sure. Continue reading

Managing Change Emotionally

I recently facilitated a session on Emotional Intelligence with a small group of CEOs of mid-size companies who are in growth mode. I was hired for the round-table session to help them appreciate the impact of change on their employees. Change Management is certainly not a new topic and there are dozens of very good books out there on the subject.  I chose to discuss this from an EQ perspective and a personal perspective. Continue reading