Monthly Archives: December 2010

#1 HR issue for 2011

I actually was going to write this morning about another subject until I read this article online this morning, which essentially reveals that 84% of those who are currently employed want to get new jobs in 2011. What??!!!  I just published a book this past May where the research showed that number at about 45%—which was a huge alarm in itself—but 84%?  Continue reading

Performance Barriers

Last week I spoke at my last two events for the year.  The Q&A and discussion for each event I speak at is unpredictable and at one of the events, I got several questions regarding this topic of performance barriers. Continue reading

EQ, IQ, and A Few Good Men

I recently used the classic scene from A Few Good Men between Tom Cruise and Jack Nicholson while speaking in front of a large audience on the subject of Emotional Intelligence [see below for video]. Many folks are challenged to appreciate the power of EQ in our daily interactions–not just in achieving  our own goals, but in helping others help themselves to achieve their own. Folks also tend to have a hard time distinguishing between cognition (rational and logical thought) and emotions. Continue reading