Monthly Archives: February 2016

The 10-1 Rule

phonesSteve Jobs said that ‘more was accomplished by moving ahead with incomplete plans than by waiting for perfect plans before moving forward.’ Others have argued to “not let perfection get in the way of progress.” Entrepreneurs will tell you that they make many mistakes with their initial “brilliant” idea before they land on the one that is a hit with the market. “Fail fast” is an operating mantra for many successful businesses that have disrupted their industries. So why then is it still not acceptable, both personally and institutionally, to try new things at work where the probability of failure exists?

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Have great Conversations … with yourself

conversaitonsI often ask people to share their most salient experiences of the past year. In most cases, they were experiences that resulted in meaningful dialogue with someone else. In some cases, it was actually just that – catching up with an old friend or relative who knows you really well and reminiscing on pleasant memories, some being silly or embarrassing ones that you can laugh at now but perhaps not at the time. Great conversations really are spices that make the meal of your bigger life taste so much better. But you probably already knew this. So what about having those same type of conversations … with yourself? Continue reading