Monthly Archives: January 2010

Emotional Hangovers

I spoke at 2 events last week and was struck by how much dialogue/questions arose once I introduced the concept of emotional hangovers. What is an emotional hangover? Think of a traditional hangover after a night of drinking – the next day, we feel a headache, we are dehydrated, and we are tired. It is not a stretch to assume that our ability to perform at our best during this hangover period is compromised. Continue reading

High Class Problems

Years ago, I went to my boss and shared with him a serious problem we were having with our business. It was the kind of problem that comes with growth and success. I was literally stunned by his initial reaction. My boss said to me, “This is the kind of problem we want to have… I call it a High Class Problem.” He then proceeded to tell me that one of the best ways to be highly engaged and excited about your work is to solve high class problems.
Continue reading

Motivation to Perform

What can we learn from sports about motivation, performance, and success?