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Loyalty: Person vs Values

loyaltyIn the current age of 24-hour news and the interconnectedness of so many previously disparate sources, it has become routine to look at news and almost on a daily basis, finding compromising revelations about other people, products or companies, especially those in the spotlight. People that had a certain persona are turning out to have everything from previously unknown character flaws to committing unimaginable atrocities. We are talking of not just movie stars, politicians or athletes, but of local mayors, clergy men and business leaders. Anyone and everyone relevant to you. People that were once revered new seem fallible. It seems like hypocrisy is becoming quite difficult. Of all the layers to all these stories, the one that intrigues me the most is whether our loyalty should be to people or to a set of values? Continue reading

Tribute to Yogi Berra – The Psychologist

yogiYogi Berra, one of my favorite athletes, passed away last week. I never saw him play and to be honest, never even heard of him until I was in my 20s when I learned about his famous quotes before learning about him. My first reaction to his quotes was that these were incredibly powerful thoughts from a sports psychologist, not from an athlete. The one that I use very often and almost every time I speak is: “Wherever I go, there I am.” There is such immense wisdom and neuroscience in these six words as it relates to how we live our lives, and the activities we pursue to find higher performance or happiness. It debunks the myth of compartmentalization which for decades with espoused by employers, bosses, coaches and people. This foolish and inaccurate idea that we can and should “shut off” certain parts of our lives so that they do not interfere with other parts of life when in fact, it is neurologically impossible to do so. In other words, wherever you go, there YOU are. ALL of you.

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