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Myth of “2 sides to a Story”

3sidesAll of us have used to the term “there are 2 sides to every story.” We have used it to make equal the perspectives of two contrasting sides. And there is truth to this. We see things not as they are, but from where we are. The latter is based on our past experiences, our intelligence, our current or immediate-past emotional state, the opposing argument, the history of the opponent, and a number of other variables that collude together to blurr our view of what is actually happening on both sides. The problem with this term, however, is that it often implies that though their are indeed two sides to every story, that somehow they are both equal. It is my contention that in fact, one is almost always more right than the other.

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Your Leadership Brand

brandWhen you think of any great athlete you admire, there is usually one or two adjectives you think of when you describe that person. The same could be said of your favorite actors, each one having a different set of descriptors. If you extend this thinking to the workplace, there are some good leaders in your organization at all levels that you have met that you can find words or phrases to best capture what you like about them.  Think of these terms as brand labels for each person. Continue reading

Think differently …

brainI think I was in my very early teens when I first heard someone say that we are using but a very small percentage of our brain and that we achieve far less than we are actually capable of. The comments were made in a philosophical manner with goodwill. As I collaborate with neuroscientists from all over the world today, I am happy to share that those comments are scientifically true and we are now living in what many are calling the Golden Age of Neuroscience.  Why should this topic be relevant to you? Because you have a brain and we are underutilizing it. Whether you are a business person, an athlete, or just someone who wants to explore the capacity of your potential, this topic is for you. Continue reading