[NEW VIDEO] Extended Learning Models

One response to “[NEW VIDEO] Extended Learning Models

  1. My best training (event based) occurred when I was working for a major corporation. Attendees arrived thinking I was going to teach product. After I surprised them by saying I was there to work with them on skills they needed to be a better salesperson, service rep or manager. As the Subject Matter Expert they weren’t expecting, I then proceeded to ask them what they would most like to learn about improving their skills. Using a flipchart, I record their answers working the entire attendee population. Usually 15-30 people. After their requests were stated, I would then ask them to rank their priorities, 1 through 3 or 5 depending on the time available. I would give them a 15 minute break while I assembled the correct overheads for my work WITH THEM during that training session. After these training sessions, which the attendees customized to their needs, the surveys yielded the comment ‘best training’ in a long time.
    Thanks Izzy. Event based training back then was called ‘program of the month’ and attendance was mandatory. Some would park your mind at the door! Yikes, what a waste of time for everyone! I know the extended learning model is better. The results are what the students want.
    Izzy, this is perfectly covered in EPowerment, chapters 8 and 9. Very well written and what a great compilation of resources to confirm your findings.
    Thank You,

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