Monthly Archives: January 2016

Explore the Unknown

unkownYou must subscribe to the argument that you learn and subsequently grow by finding out what you do not already know. Seems logical. After all you already know what you know. The pursuit of the unknown is therefore the real key to learning and growing. But how do you go about finding the unknown when it is … unknown? Is it possible that what you think you do not know, is in fact based on what you know, and not a true account of what is really the realm of the unknown? I think yes. Given this, substantive learning is then limited by what we know and can only be pursued by exploring sources of the unknown which in large part are from people and experiences not just slightly different than your norm, but substantially different.

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Give up the shot …

Y bballI’ve been counseling/coaching kids since college. So when I had kids of my own, I started volunteer coaching them in a myriad of sports and happy to say I am coming to the end of my time with both as I pass them onto to more seasoned coaches. I am currently coaching my son, Hunter, in basketball at the Y where kids of all levels are welcomed. The picture is our current team and you will note we have only one female. She has never played basketball and is on a team where most of the boys are quite good. In all my years coaching, I cannot recall falling in love with a team the way I have with this one. Why? Continue reading